Park Road Nursery
Radyr Cardiff
The Foundation Phase



At Park Road Nursery activities are planned around the Seven Areas of Learning for the Foundation Phase:  


  •        Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity – learning about standards of good behaviour and responsibility.  We provide opportunities for children to learn how to co-operate and work harmoniously with others


  •       Language, Literacy and Communication – learning to communicate in a wide range of situations, to respond to adults and other children. We encourage children to extend their communication skills in a play environment


  •             Mathematical Development – starting to understand numbers, measurement, patterns, shapes and space.  We offer a range of activities in which children will enjoy, learn, practice and develop these essential skills


  •            Developing the Welsh Language – we aim to build an awareness of Welsh language through enjoyable and practical songs, games and stories


  •            Knowledge and Understanding of the World:  Children have the opportunity to explore and find out about their environment and about people and places that have significance in their lives  


  •            Physical Development: We provide experiences for children to develop an understanding of the importance of diet and exercise, how their body works and what they need to do to be healthy and safe


  •            Creative Development: We encourage all children to develop their imagination and creativity through art, music, movement, dance and imaginative and role play activities



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